Megan Thee Stallion – Stallion Houston Cypher Verse Lyrics

[Thee Stallion]
Alot of these niggas wanna hit it with Megan
He heard that i
Work it out
Roll it like a Jamaican

He call my phone
When im on the road
See if im alone
Then i go up in the bathroom
And give him what he want

Taking pics
Rubbing on my tits
He think im the shit

Picture me
In ya’ bed
Rubbin’ all on ya’ dick

Put that arch in my back
And let you attack it

He like it when i make it jiggle
So i let him smack it

When you in it from behind
I’m looking at yo’ face

In the mirror
You’ll be lyin’ if you tell me this ain’t mine
How you lick it up and down
Must be tryna make it shine

Like a Slip & Slide ride
Do it slow then rewind

Name a bitch you know
Who fuckin’ with my flow

Ya dick gettin’ stiff
Watchin’ my videos

Record it on my phone
Then put it in slow mo’
I’m the real deal
No faking, No porno

Bitch settle down
[?] this money in ya’ presence

He gon’ act a fool
When he see my in Giuseppe

Gotta tell him calm down
We in public, don’t sweat me
Whisper in my ear
Tell me how ya’ gon’ sex me

Pull up in that oh
Make a nigga say ah
If he ask for my numba’
Its Chanel numba’ 9

Only time i’m a freak
Is if i really got the time
If the nigga really mine
Then he really want mine

If i pull up late
Just to ride that face
He wanna beat down
He respect my chase

That’s why i gotta keep a special place for you
Cause when im done in the booth
I’m coming home to you

You could neva’ take a L
Off a real bitch
I’m hotta’ then them hoes
That you chill wit’

Up against me
Bitches neva’ win

If he eva’ hit Thee Stallion
He’ll be back again ah

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